Classic Oil and Digital Painting - exhibition Buenos Aires, La Plata

Exhibition in Buenos Aires, I was selected from 330 artists. Yes! I `m a little fat, so what?


Lindsay said…
They are so talented in Argentina that all the exhibitions I went to had won anard and were highly recognized. I was staying in a buenos aires apartment near the Centro cultural recoleta where many exhibitions are held. I was also told that most good artists were in La Plata!
Gustavo Santome said…
Muy bien pintando Benja! jajajaja, es verdad que estas cambiado chabon! xD
Abrazo grande amigo!!
Lucas Ferreyra said…
Exelentes tus trabajos, Benja! I felicitaciones por este en especial.
Un gran abrazo,
Dominic Piché said…
Very impressive painting my friend. Your drawings are also very solid

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